Giloy Plant Pure and Natural Guduchi Immunity Wellness Juice

Giloy Plant Pure and Natural Guduchi Immunity Wellness Juice

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  • Ayurvedic Formulation: Tulsi & Giloy are well-known for their significant value in ancient Ayurveda & together they work wonders for your health.
  • 100% Natural: It is a pure vegetarian product with no added sugar or other additives. It is generally used to build immunity, improve metabolism and overall health of the body.
  • Healthy Life: The juice helps in boosting the immune system. Purifies blood, fights harmful bacteria in the body and keeps the urinary tract free of infections. Makes the body stronger and improves memory.
  • Ingredients: Each 100 ml contains 80% Giloy Kwatha and 20% Tulsi Kwatha Fully vegetarian 100% pure, natural product no preservatives used. 
  • Consumption: To successfully flush out toxins from the body and for best results mix Giloy and Tulsi juice with 30ml of water consume twice in a day Morning (30ml empty stomach) evening (30ml 1 hour after dinner
  • Info

    Krishna's Herbal & Ayurveda Giloy Juice: Giloy juice is a daily tonic with numerous health benefits. Beneficial in frequent cough, cold, etc and all types of fever. Boosts immunity level, improves blood formation, used in joints related troubles and various viral infections.

    Key Benefits:

    • It is effective for maintaining blood sugar levels
    • It is highly effective in viral fever, cough and cold
    • It reduces the development of virus and improves the liver functioning

    Safety Information:

    • Read the label carefully before use
    • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight
    • Do not exceed the recommended dosage
  • Net Content

    500 ml