Gomutra Ark Desi Cow Urine

Gomutra Ark Desi Cow Urine

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  • DESI Cow Urine: Gomutra ark balances the tri-dosas (mucous, bile and air) thus diseases caused by tri-dosas imbalance are healed
  • Detoxifier: Cow Urine is very good liver and detoxification of whole body. Good for Pitta and Kapha Dosha Balancing.
  • Benefit: Has amazing germicidal power to kill varieties of germs of the body, Promotes efficient functioning of the liver aids in boosting immunity
  • Ingredients: Each 100 ml contain Gomutra Ark Pure, Natural and Organic Cow Urine No added preservatives.
  • Consumption: Krishna's gomutra with 30ml of water consume twice in a day Morning (30 ml empty stomach) evening (30 ml 1 hour after dinner
  • Info

    Krishna's gomutra ark is made from tharparkar go mutra only which makes it very effective and one of its kind at all. Key ingredients: gomutraark - 100 percent with permitted class ii preservatives.

  • Net Content

    500 ml 


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