Nestle Lactogen Infant Formula (Stage 1)

Nestle Lactogen Infant Formula (Stage 1)


The Nestle Lactogen Infant Formula (Stage 1) is an essential dietary supplement for newborns that are not breastfed. It is a spray dried infant formula for babies up to six months of age. This formula contains the nutrients that are necessary for infants.

Optimal Preparation

While preparing this infant food supplement, do not use fewer scoops of this formula than directed. If it is diluted then your child will not receive the necessary nutrients.

Use as Advised by a Health Worker

This is a breast milk substitute that should be used as per the advice of a health worker.

  • Net Content

    400 g, Upto 6 Months

  • Info

    Energy (kcal) - 487 Milk Protein (g) - 10.5 Fat (g) - 23.0 Carbohydrate (g) - 59.5 Saturated Fatty Acids (g) - 10.7 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (g) - 4.5